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Conversation Between Harutsubomi-chan and SHIRO*

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  1. Oh, sorry. Long time no see. I was busy with my work X(
    thanks!! Genki desu yo X3
  2. Haven't talked for so long... Genki desu ka?^^
  3. thanks and me too.
  4. I've read it and answered
  5. yes, I know them, but I'm not good at them
    If anime songs I love it.
    by the way, I sent you PM just now, have you read it?
  6. I also like japanese music...: YUI, Arashi, Alice Nine, Kana Nishino,... and more!^^ Do you like them?
  7. ieie.
    I like it, too.
  8. Arigatou!!!!^^ You're so kind!!!^^
  9. Thanks Yes I have. I wrote a comment onto your drawing page
  10. Mmmh!^^ Nara suki desu!^^ Have you seen my newest picture????
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