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Conversation Between Jagan Eye and Vintniv

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  1. Skype, and your last message was 9 months ago, so......where have you been?
  2. I haven't died you use MSN or other social media these days?
  3. Where have you been?
  4. Always, you?
  5. Undead?
  6. Sera
  7. Oh, Chris. How I've been missing you so. If I manage to get home before 4:30 sometime within this week, I will call you.
  8. Not featured on my phone. I also hate texting above anything else. Its just by the grace of a higher power that I havent destroyed my phone yet.
  9. Am I allowed to text you?
  10. It happens. And you know I have a phone right? You have special privileges to use it, but not after 6PM.
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