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Conversation Between Jagan Eye and Hautalken

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  1. And I know you're horribly busy schedule. Which is why I don't want you trying too hard to get home to talk to me. Besides, I'm on very irregularly, so I can't even give you a definite time D: Daaaaaaaaaamn. Also, I need you to go underwear shopping with me. If we visit each other, can we go to a mall and buy skimpy panties? xDD I've been wanting to do that just for the fun of it for so long now!!
  2. No, no, no, no. No spending money on me, okay? I will try and get online next week or maybe this weekend! <3
  3. It's funny what happened yesterday. I was at the doctor's with mom and we were waiting out. My mom went to the nurse to ask her something, and I looked at my phone. I found the reception was low and wondered if my phone would work anyway. And then I dialled your number. It got therough on the first try~ The ways in which I amuse myself sometimes >_________>
    And yes, If you still want to talk, I can...MAYBE I can get an international calling card to talk to you. Althugh, it would be wrong for me to spending money right now, but it's for you, so...
  4. I want to talk to you soon, but I'm busy all week D:
  5. Ahaha! Yeah! VMs are cool! For some reason, I like them better in vB than IP.
  6. At least I get the first one on your wall <3
  7. NUUU! Erised gets the first VM! DD: Oh well, second isn't too bad either =D
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