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Conversation Between The Butcher and Kaitou+

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  1. It was kind of my fault. I literally put you in the spot light. I was kind of reckless, so I won't let it happen again. The power of my role compelled me.

    Oh well,you need to get revenge for me bro.

    Hopefully someone has revive abilities other than azn.
  2. Holy hell. >___>

    Sorry if I put you on the spotlight. ^^;;
  3. Yeah, this may be a nice forum...way nicer than NF but don't hold back, press people. xD

    And cool, looking forward to that game. It's gonna be awesome since it's a crossover.
  4. That Troll or Die one was actually the first time I went frontal lines and accusing people.

    I just my PM from at around 1 AM from Ish.
  5. PMing breaks the game, so it's good that the option is out.

    Now time to show them how a real Mafia/Wolf game is played. xD Don't hold back, play as I seen you play on NF. =P Regardless if this is not NF.
  6. When the PM option was up I was playing my very first game of Wolf/Mafia.

    When I was fixing to get lynched, it turns out that the person I was PM'ing was a Wolf...Of course I was a noob then. I got out of the lynch though.

    Plus, the last Mafia game I got killed for the very first time. My source died ay too early to be of any use.
  7. I'm still the best Seer/Cop. I nailed the SK and all the Wolves.

    I can't say you improved but I can say you're good but I don't think they made any progress. A lot of these guys NEED TO PM PEOPLE, bro.
  8. Can't wait to see how evolved some people from the old Wolf games I played with have gotten better. I remember playing with The Rebel and -GAZKUL-.

    I said -GAZKUL- was wolf for the entire game.I voted for him each day phase,and no one would listen. Best roel I got here was Mayor,then second was Mason.
  9. Oh, cool, cool.

    You joining gonna make things good. xD
  10. Already got the PM.
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