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Conversation Between The Butcher and Kaitou+

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  1. I haven't checked the threads that much, I am going to give it a shot right after my Wolf 10 ends.

    But he sounds like a dangerous player. xD
  2. Ever hear of WAD(What A Drag) on NF? The dude can figure out about 40%-80% of the people playing in just 3-5 days. The dude is like the Lelouch Vi Britannia of Wolf/Mafia games.
  3. I'm pretty decent. xD Heck, Wolf 9 was interest cause of me debating with someone else.

    I should probably play a game in NarutoFan though, that would probably increase my skills immensely.
  4. Lol, hope you're good.
  5. I see, one should be coming up soon. xD I think some people might recall you, who knows.
  6. I also plan on showing off my rad skills at the next Wolf game. I haven't been a wolf yet, but I'm really hoping I get the part. I usually don't have time to keep up with Wolf during the school year, so I play during the Summer.
  7. That's aweosme. =D

    Welcome back. =3
  8. Place has changed a lot since I last checked. I plan on being on a lot more now though .
  9. This is Kuroba Kaitou. ;p
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