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Conversation Between The Butcher and Kaitou+

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  1. A little plain, But I'm not much of a creative person anyway. I like it though.
  2. Haha, not bad. =P
  3. Just designed my page. Too lazy to put in images.
  4. Yeah, that sounds good.
  5. Oh thanks for the heads up about him then. I kind of see how he is a troll.

    I lean back from my computer when I'm browsing the Interwebz, so I guess that explains why I can't see the text boxes. Plus on some of the skins the links on the homepage will blend in with the skin itself. I'm going to go ahead and look at the skins one at a time, see which one works the best, and the ones I haven't used before.
  6. Videogamer155 is a former troll, by the way. XP
  7. I thought the the text box is light grey for most of them? xD
  8. I would use a different skin here, but when I edit my posts it is too dark to see the letters in the text box. So I stick to the default look.
  9. Oh yeah, I used the One Piece one on NarutoFan.

    Here, I use Rotten Grapes.
  10. This forum at least has more skin designs.
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