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Conversation Between Mnemonic_X and Daken.

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  1. i forget my password to that website haha. sometimes i forget fb password too. i hadnt signed in for months && when i tried i couldnt remember my pass. same for this website lmfao
    do you still talk toanyone from myspace days?
    i really dont talk to anyone from online. occasionally i'll talk to britt on facebook from time to time but im hardly ever on. when i am i just lurk ha-aha..
  2. Yeah i deleted DA a long time ago lol x)
  3. Thanks x]
    i'll sign in to add you.
  4. btw added u on facebook
  5. I replieddddd once again.
  6. btw when you respond to my inbox tell me on my visitors messages so I will know. i dont sign on this website. if I see you read && replied by telling me on my page i'll sign in then.
  7. replied to the inbox
  8. Inbox>
  9. Aye. Do you remember me? We were really close during Myspace days. My names were Reaper Mnemonic, real name is Aaron. Ring any bells? I hope so, hahaha. I sent you a message && thought I'd send you a comment on your profile just in case you check your timeline on here && dont sign on anymore. That way if you didnt sign on at least you would still see my comment. Not sure if you still come on here or not but please read the message I sent you.

    Aaron x]
  10. I didn't ignore you, why are you doing this?
    Dont! You know how much you mean to me and now your just going to leave?!
    WHAT DID I DO. You know how strongly I feel about you and now your just going to step out of my life like that?
    I can't believe you...
    That hurts to much Aaron.
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