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Conversation Between Homer Simpson and J Gundam

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  1. you still around
  2. Sorry man, I don't make sigs. I put in a request for one on the forum here and someone kindly made it for me.
  3. think you can make me a Sweet Gundam Dynames Sig
  4. theres no point seeing as I don't kiss her butt
  5. Have you asked her why she did it?
  6. well that ***** neg repped me
  7. She's doing her job. I didn't read the rules, broke them and was warned. I'm cool with that.
  8. I noticed Aku is being a royal ***** over your Gundam Wing Manga thread, she's deleted alot of our post and negged me for my post
  9. Good to meet a fellow Gundam Fan on here, if your interested I am playing 3 Gundam Games on Face Book, always could use more pilots for them, I play Gundam 00, Gundam Wars and Gundam Wing
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