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  1. Sounds cool, thanks, maybe I'll check it out.
  2. The one I have is from

    It's an Anime database where you can mark what animes you've watched, want to watch, watching, etc. it's primary purpose is to help people discover new animes through ones they enjoy. Anyways, it records just how much time you've spent on anime via the episode/movie time lengths on the episodes you've marked watched. When you make an account for AP, you go to your profile and click the last tab titled "Signature," and from there on it's pretty much explained.

    Another database that does a signature like thing is, they do the same basic functions and typically has a bigger amount of anime in the database (I just don't like the set up as much as AP). It'll show the last episodes/chapters you've watched/red and stuff like that. When you join MAL, you go to the "Profile" drop down menu, and click the "Edit Profile," then click the tab that says "My Signature," and it's pretty much straight forward.
  3. I've been wondering for quite some time now: Where do people get those 'My Life Spent on Anime' banners? I've wanted one for awhile now lol.
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