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Conversation Between Ramirez and Princely Dreaming Doll

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  1. xD lol. Well, let me rephrase that. Do cats hate him?... Jun that is XD

    I'm planning on being a bilingual/linguist. Since I have a natural talent for learning words/new languages I think I should finally hone it well enough. Beyond my own, I admire that drive you got. If you could, why not make a roleplay sometime? I think if you patchworked several inspirations you could easily make something very appealing and story-driven.

    Evildoer = someone that goes against Heath's... 'GAR virtues', and thus, he is sort of kamen rider-esque too. xD I need to think up more way to describe him besides the hot-blooded or simple-minded buffoon that everyone loves putting in the line of fire because said buffoon thinks he is being heroic XD
  2. He has a happenstance in life. And it isn't that he hates cats, its more he is allergic...Jun that is. lol.

    I have been writing since 5th grade. It felt it was my talent, my dream, my want. I have all the passion for it. I will become a writer.

    lol, an evildoer. Now, why would that be?
  3. Ahh, a novelist. A pleasure to meet someone striving towards it, that's rare these days with the rising of technological prowess. Though I am rather fond of Three Days Grace myself, my favorite is 'Get out alive' and 'never too late'.

    So Jun doesn't get along well with cats, or does he simply have a similar.... 'happenstances' in life?

    Depending on how Jun treats Heath, I may have Heath brandish Jun as an evildoer xDxD Well, not really. That'd be over the top.
  4. In my case, I am striving to becoming a famous fiction writer. So, characters come to me in ideas and sparks. I was listening to Three Days Grace and The Used. So those inspired Jun a bit. And I guess a little bit of Gilbert from Pandora Hearts.
  5. Probably, since half the time we are basing them off more then we actually realize. Though talking about inspirations... What made you go with your character in Nightmarchers? Humor me since I like talking about RPs. It's been quite awhile since I've done one, so I find it refreshing.
  6. lol.

    I think that always happens in some way or another. Our characters end up representing more than our inspirations.
  7. LOL. I suppose so. I am trying to make Heath amazingly obnoxious about his own... 'virtues'. Next post I am definitely moving things along. Depending on what's put and it's done for me, I think I'll be able to play Heath's character a bit better (absent minded, for example xD)

    lol. I can see the similarity of Apachi, too. Though Armstrong and Apachi wasn't actually intentional xD
  8. I would consider running away. Especially when someone tells me call him: Heath-sama. lol

    I'd also be frightened by his stature.

    Somehow I got the image of the FMA balding muscular guy in my head when I first saw Heath's post. lol

    Or maybe Apachi-san from Kenichi. lol
  9. No, but apparently in Nightmarchers it's strange. I almost had Heath say "Are you genetically altered?" (A pun on Star Ocean: Till the end of time)

    bahaha.... next post I'll have to make things move along, don't want to linger too long and have things go dry when they are gettin' good.

    Character wise, how would you consider meeting Heath as an actual person? xD I honestly figured "Hmmm, yeah. I'll just make a fusion between Bang Shishigami and Kamina. See how it goes." xD
  10. I wonder, with as much anime as we watch. Is blue hair really that out of the ordinary?


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