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Conversation Between Ramirez and Princely Dreaming Doll

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  1. Pray tell, though as you say it should be through PM. Give me the character sheeting(s) you want to use too so I can be extra prepared =3

    Looking forward to it, Doll.
  2. Its called Soul Trust.

    I'm going to do a picture bank because I want the character's appearances to slightly match like an anime or manga.

    I'll send you the info through PM, but I am a little busy....trying to figure out dinner.
  3. Health does not equal Heath in the strictest sense. Dx lol I suppose.

    Now with a RP. What is it? I suppose this is where I go "I'm all ears".
  4. Teee heehee:

    Heath not Health, lol

    I have a bit of a question. Would you mind answering? It has to do with a RP.
  5. lol.
    I get tired of waiting too. I like to RP. lol
  6. About time. I was getting tired of waiting, I'm rather impatient when it comes to RPs.

    Off I go, ka-yoink~
  7. BTW, Miniphil posted in the Nightmarchers.
  8. I learned by doing it for years and years of RPing. lol. Remember I also write poems, short stories, and working on a novel.

    I think Jun is going to get annoyed with the attention his blue hair is going to get. lol
  9. LOL. That is awfully sadistic. Opens up several windows of postage though. Though me doing what I'm thinking may cause Heath bad karma. But what the hell, he is an idiot after all.

    You never know, I may actually translate one of your books into another language. XD Unlikely, but oh well.

    "You have blue hair!"... I want to say it a third time, but I won't xD Your a good RPer, where did you learn?
  10. No, because its more fun when said cats love him and he's allergic.

    That's a really neat career path. Good luck and hope you make it.

    lol, so that's an evildoer. Well then yes, lol Jun will purposely do that too if he wants.
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