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Conversation Between Ramirez and Princely Dreaming Doll

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  1. *hides face in embarrassment*

    Soul Trust was to much work.
    I think to many people would complain about my Picture Bank.

    My newest idea however:
  2. Indeed we are. I adore Nightmare, spreading malice has never been so easy. I wish his character style remained the same as SC2 though.

    When are you going to start Soul Trust? I'm curious.
  3. Nightmare is my baby daddy. If we're talking Soul Calibur.
    Then yeah.

    Yes, character is fun.
  4. ...Yeah. You are sort of creepy too. Getting into character, hmm?

    Oh well. I don't find most dolls creepy, honestly.

    Also, you sound like Nightmare. "Hurry! Give me the next soul!". >;P
  5. lol.

    Pandora Heart Dolls were creepy. But I am my own doll. A doll who eats souls as well as people.
    I just sit on your step
    staring and peering, and ready for the next
    victim to come along. I never blink
    never drink
    I only wait to absorb the next soul
  6. So I see. But around Heal... Err, Heath, he should open up just fine.

    And dolls are creepy? Only if they come from Pandora Hearts. Kid Tamaki eating dolls... *shudders*
  7. I always keep doll in my name. Because dolls are creepy. lol

    lol, Jun is always awkward.
  8. I saw that... and Jun is started to make me wonder how awkward he will be to Heath. xD

    It's pretty easy to deduce, considering the 'doll' and you controlling the character as well as having the same post count and so forth.
  9. Changed my name from Pandemic to Princely.

    I posted in Nightmarchers
  10. Of course.
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