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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and Vaishu

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  1. Hey Machine,how are you?Long time no see.
  2. Happy birthday Machine-kun and happy Diwali!<3
    See,I didn't forget*gives you ice-cream*
  3. Hi again chine<33
    Who do you prefer,Len or Miku?
  4. Hey Machine Kun<33
  5. Night then!
  6. no problem, you wanted to tell me so i asked.
    i'll try not to forget the b-day then also, and i hope you scored well on your finals.
    as far as being talkative, you are talkative enough but there isn't anything wrong with that.
    i'll be going to sleep now though so i won't respond to the next message until later on. ^_^
  7. Sorry for asking you to ask,Well the reasons are:
    *)I will be getting my results for the finals next week
    *)My B-day is nearing.I'll never forgive you
    if you don't wish me!Just kiddin cause I know you will!
    Am I really talktive,I sometimes wonder?
  8. okay, well why are you excited?
  9. My grades are kinda high.I score among the top three grades
    I am not very good at Maths and Hindi[second language].I am not very attracted
    to studies but I study for the sake of my reputation in school.
    My teachers think I am very silent and can you believe,they nicknamed me
    THE SILENT THINKER!My friends think I am the most talktive person
    around.I am very excited,ask me why.
  10. i do well enough, i'm a bit of an underachiever in school but i pass. My test scores are higher than most of my grades though.
    How are your grades?
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