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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and GameGeeks

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  1. by posting the same thing every time you start losing a what i wouldn't even call a debate apparently.
  2. Especially when it didn't work in the first place. So how do you stretch out nothing?
  3. Yeah but he's really stretching for reasons now, i think he planned on using the lucky star thing for too long.
  4. Yeah, I still can't believe I got him to go back into char though.
  5. hail of glass? that building is just gonna straight topple down.
  6. Yeah, hard to keep a world of lies straight. It all just comes shattering down in a hail of glass.
  7. yup although he is definitely starting to get even sloppier, i had posted there a little before the last few posts so i'll see if he pays them any mind.
  8. This is great.
  9. Yeah, I'm waiting for him to respond to his DVD thread.
  10. meh he'll go on some rant again this week.
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