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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and GameGeeks

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  1. Yeah, I'd shoot myself from boredom if I did that.
  2. I'm used to that kind of thing but then again i spent pretty much a whole family birthday party in the corner of an empty room. >_>
  3. They only speak English, but they tend to talk about things that have happened to them that I'm not apart of.
  4. I know how that is my step-dad's side either speak spanish primarily or only talk about sports and such. neither of those am i any good at.
  5. Fine, did Thanksgiving early this year since my cousin couldn't get thanks giving off this year since he was shipped to Hawaii two weeks ago. So not looking forward to spending it with my step-dads family. They're nice people, I just don't feel like I fit in.
  6. it goes fairly well, having little issues here and there but that's still good compared to most weeks. i have a party to go to tomorrow and then thanksgiving so this mood is still going strong. and how are you?
  7. Not a problem, just wondering since I go to comment and oops topic locked. >.< So how goes it?
  8. okay its open now, thanks for the heads up since it happens occasionally.
  9. Yeah, it did. I've seen Eris do it before too so don't feel bad.
  10. did that happen? i was doing something and it must have glitched.
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