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Conversation Between Sr Machinehead and sunnyside

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  1. the PM box should be cleared up a bit now, kinda forgot I had to do that.
    I believe something along the lines of the second choice might be a bit a long the lines of his character since I believe I let into the fact that he had problems to begin with what with the short bursts of terrors and whatnot.
    I'd have to look into exactly what's going on currently though since it seems I missed out on a lot.
  2. You're PM box is full up, so I'll put this here:

    "Since I think the game is actually getting near completion with the other groups, I'm thinking that maybe you could think of how you might like things to go and sort of cut to the chase.

    For example we'd tossed around the idea that one of the cells of fighters associated with the people behind everything could have captured Nathan for his medical skills, and then her character could come upon that (maybe while something is going on that makes it clear that Nathan isn't one of them.).

    Or maybe Nathan was spending a bit too much time medically investigating one of those shark creatures and was to some degree possessed or bonded with the spirit that fuels those things (maybe making him more like that. Maybe that scene could start with Nathan attacking her character and maybe she has to restrain him and then things might be more talky.)

    Anyway I'm just tossing that out there, let me know what you think or might be up for."
  3. OH, and in addition to the players mentioned in my PM to you, there were also the NPCs Tiffany and Brad back at the beach. Also if you wanted any of the other NPCs back (such as the captain from the Tuna boat) we could discuss that as well. But just going solo is fine as well of course, you'd likely soon be joining a group in any case.
  4. Ok, so I'm pestering a number of people about the new girl, but I'm double pestering you, because i know how you can post when you're enjoying yourself and have someone active to RP with I'd just disengage you from the rest of the peope you were previously with.
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