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Conversation Between konkikushuro and The_Angry_Princess

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  1. teriable as usaul...
  2. hey haven't seen you in a while hows it goin
  3. at school...
  4. hey where have you been
  5. -_- and for a whatever your age is you got a smart mouth...
    anyway so how are you doing i'm on chapter 10 on my book i'm writing just a litttle FYI
  6. for a 13 year old you have a lot spunk
  7. thank you and wow that must've sucked and...thanks
  8. well at least your mom didn't run out of a funeral and leave you there and I had to go home with a friend. But I've lost two family members it is so sad to loose somebody we just have to deal with the pain but if you need to get it out I'm here for you don't worry kk
  9. thanks kanna i'm somewhat okay if i mourn trhe loss 'll never get over it so i'm trying to get through it but hell the funeral SO DAMN LONG!
  10. hey I'm sorry for the loss but here is some HUGS
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