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Conversation Between konkikushuro and ~Fallen~Angel~

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  1. That's cool, I turned 18 also recently and I haven't been logging in much either. Too much school and college and life. I've started just flopping on my face when I get overwhelmed even though I know I shouldn't >_>
  2. I'm alright, I haven't been logging in much myself, just turned 18 today.
  3. It sure has. Haven't logged in almost a year, too much to do and a lot of things popped up. How are you though?
  4. Been quite the long time.
  5. Hello konki~ how are you? I am great, i got an fb and a skype now. Alot of tests coming up so I'm pretty busy.
  6. Hello fallen~
  7. i am great! and it's the customize background thing u can change it's colors or add a pic
  8. how are you? and what in all things dead bloody is going on? people all over AF have these colored backgrounds, are they using HTML too now?! sonuva...
  9. hahahahaaa!!!!!!!!! but it is I who will pwn U!!!! I WILL KILL U! imma prolly get both for psp if i don't get sidetracked and i have all the panty and stocking with garterbelt songs! i completed the whole 1st season in 2 days! stocking rox! X3
  10. i see why you changed your name....
    you saw panty and stocking with garterbelt too eh?
    i got the entire OST on downlaod! got 2 two episodes dpwnlaoded and watched THE ENTIRE SERIES ALREDY ON CRUCNCHYROLL!
    how dare you choose stocking!
    you are dead....
    D-E-A-D dead just like hazama after ragna got done with him!
    i will kill you with tao, noel, TAGER, lambda-11,mu-12, hazama, valkenhynn,makoto, or my personal fav, CARL CLOVER!
    just get contiumm shift for the XBOX 360 or PS3 whicherver works for you!
    are you getting contiumm shift 2 for the PSP?!
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