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Conversation Between melissapankey43 and Sighanide

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  1. it may be behind on updates but i like the controls better. and i like learning the materials update by update slowly instead of jumping in not knowing what half of the stuff is
  2. Aw, it sucks on the XBOX
  3. most definately :-D i play on the xbox 360
  4. Addicting xD
    Actually, I prefer Terraria, but both games are fun as heck xD
  5. ? meaning its addicting? or its bad?
  6. Oh, lord, you play Minecraft -_-
    That game is crack.
  7. how about you?
  8. just sittin. getting ready to edit a video for youtube
  9. *puts on mustache and a sombrero*
    No problemos, amigo.
    *takes off costume*
    How you doing? I'm kinda tired -_-
  10. Thank you! lol
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