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Conversation Between melissapankey43 and Sizary Momo

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  1. wish we had a place to skate around here. i have roller blades and a ripstick. i love doing those two things. i only go to the mall with my friend olivia. and even then its rare
  2. I guess it's a nice place to go.I only go there
    with my ma.I'm more of a park hang out person. :3
    I think for MLK Day i'll just go to the park and try to skate.
  3. i love the mall <3 :-D
  4. Neither do i but i guess i'll just walk around the
    mall with my ma and probably make a bracelet or
    something. x3
  5. oh. what about it? i never do anything
  6. Martin Luther King Day.
  7. Mlk?
  8. I guess so! x3
    How've you been? Got any plans
    for MLK Day?
  9. well as long as they like the way you play right? :-D
  10. I see.But I joined a team.People say i do pretty good
    although i couldn't catch.They say i do "good".So i guess
    i'll just keep up the good work? O-o In my eyes i suck compared to
    the other people. -_-
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