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Conversation Between DeathBlade/13.666 and Animedude5555

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  1. Your thread has been deleted due to suggestive/too adult themes, and the likelihood that it'll just get spammed and derailed with jokes on you, even if moved to the Serious Talk section.
  2. If you're going to make a post about Violence in the black community, fine. But you're gonna need more than just an article about a fight in McD's. I mean there's plenty of articles right now you can drudge up about gun violence, gang violence, inner-city violence and more for a decent article on violence in the black community. I mean using the article for that is also fine, but again not solely by itself. Multiple articles would work. Otherwise it's just going to be received as idiots being idiots, who cares.
  3. The whole reason this video made the news in the first place is because it says something about violence that is an epidemic in the black community. It is a major issue. Therefore it deserves a thread, not just some blog post.
  4. Fights in fast food joints happen all the time. Had it been something like "Cook makes chicken salad using rats" I might consider it. But people being dumbasses and fighting in a restaurant? No.
  5. But it was something that seemed like something that could evoke a conversation, something fit for a forum thread. If it's in the blog almost NOBODY is going to read it. I've discovered that blog posts hardly ever get commented on, and I'm guessing that's because most people don't even read the blog, just the forums. So if it's a blog post, there's likely going to be no conversation about the topic. I did put a blog post about it now, but only as a temporary solution, until I can convince you or another moderator to un-trash my thread.
  6. I trashed it because it felt it was better a blog post than a thread post.
  7. Right, but by being so specific about such an item one can say you're promoting it for sell. I understand why you posted the link, but I'm sure you could've googled and c/p'd a quick review and price without linking the purchasing site. If not, you could easily just type in the address and remove the hyperlink to the site. So people actually interested could c/p the address into their own bar and see the item. As I don't have the powers to un-trash threads, you'll have to talk to FlashD about it. I'm sure if you just change the thread to be a bit more open to other items an such and remove the hyperlink, I'm sure FlashD will work with you.
  8. The link was so you could go to the site selling it and read the product description, without me having to copy-paste the whole thing and make a huge post. I found the price to be shockingly high (at $230) for what I personally regard as a "quack" healing device (and quite frankly I think that such things are a scam, especially when they are that expensive), so that's another reason that I posted the link, was so you could go there and see for yourself that I wasn't just making up the price, but that's what it actually said on the website. I found the thing at random on a Google search, and was using that particular item just to represent a larger category of things. I'm not working for that company. I'm not advertising for that company. Please remove my thread from the trash.
  9. Your thread about the "Magical Healing Item" was trashed because it was too specific towards one item, even though towards the end you're a bit more open to suggestion of other like items. Plus the link to purchasing it didn't help. So it was construed as advertising. If you'd like, you can make a new thread about generic magical items for "healing" or other purposes and avoid links for purchasing.
  10. I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to advertise your blog in your threads. Especially ones made simply to garner attention to it.
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