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Conversation Between DeathBlade/13.666 and Sting

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  1. lol Same here.
  2. haha i really can't wat XD just hoping for nice weather and a good time
  3. Beatcha can't wait for the weekend, huh?
  4. Haha friday its one of the best work days i think because after you are free and i will be around 17:00 PM (GMT +1) my time than its weekend
  5. lol It's gonna be Friday, gotta live it up 'cause soon it'll be Monday again.
  6. i am great but its almost bedtime now haha last workday tomorrow before the weekend
  7. Haha, Don't worry about those. They were just spambots/spamaccounts. I'm doing good, you?
  8. Thanks
    i was afraid to get banned because almost every name i saw the bottom of the site turned red XD
    haha but anyway how are you doing deathblade-san :3
  9. Hello, Welcome to
  10. Hello
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