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Conversation Between DeathBlade/13.666 and Moonlit Butterfly

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  1. Ah. That does help. Thank you very much for your time. I'll make it accordingly.
  2. No larger than 500 by 250 pixels. Verticals must be no bigger than 250 by 500.
    That also translates into no more than 295.3 KB of data. Technically it's limited to whichever comes first.

    You can find this in the "Edit Signature" section, under the upload from url and from own computer as a note in fine print.

    Hope this helps. ^.^
  3. Hi. I'm sorry for this random request. But, I put a banner in my signature and I've been trying to find out how big a banner can be, but haven't found anything that says it. So would it be ok if I asked you? Banner. < That's the banner in question. Thank you in advance.
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