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Conversation Between DeathBlade/13.666 and GameGeeks

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  1. XD I didn't either until I got your VM. I figured it'd say donated, but not actually donate.
  2. Didn't think you could donate less then a gil.
  3. lol
  4. I'll take my three cents now.
  5. Only on Tuesday's for Taco Tuesdays.
  6. My guess is it's where James Bond goes after a mission.
  7. lol I'll take that losing bet. And that's why I made my comment about it. XD Everyone knows Area 69 is where all the freaky stuff is.
  8. Yeah, here's three cents that says it gets spammed. I wont even help it along. Though everyone knows there isn't. Especially since that particular base has recently been declassified.
  9. I'm gonna leave that alien thread open for a little while longer because if VG plays his cards right that could actually be a worthwhile topic. It's a bit vague and easy to spam, but if enough folks took it seriously and talked about aliens and such; it could be good (which for VG mediocre is a plus).
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