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Conversation Between DeathBlade/13.666 and Genghis Beatrix

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  1. lol Thank god that's not us.
  2. lol Another forum I frequent is giving the mods a ton of work with the adsense removed due to "mature" content, so members of the spam section there (which are actually responsible for some of the content) are reporting any and all unsavory posts that the search function can reveal for deletion. Especially some rather nasty 1x1's XD
  3. Oh. XD Nah, someone else did. Though I did get one just the other day. It does make things a tad more interesting, even if it's just added work.
  4. XD I just saw all those banned members online with similar usernames and just thought you sniped them.
  5. What uh? Am I missing something here? >.>;
  6. lol a lot of work for ya, eh? Looks like five members keep trying with different emails. They seem to be not so smart.
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