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Conversation Between TheThunderBringer and Shini

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  1. Haha those were the days, really.

    It does seem like a while doesn't it? Doesn't feel as long as it actually has been to me tho, wow.. I've been good! Hanging in there, you know. Wbu??
  2. Dudebro, DUDE. That stuck on my username for so long xD
    Man, that seems so long ago- but I guess like 3 years is a pretty long time...
  3. Remember when Banned?

    Good times my man, good times.
  4. We need more thunder bringer in our lives. Like, now.
  5. Well, I do that to everyone, so don't feel special.

    More people were probably involved, but so far those are the only two that I have caught. The Rebel was supposed to save me, but failed, leading me to compare our relationship to that of Batman and Jason Todd (Spoiler alert: Joker killed Jason. Batman went all boo-hooey.). You reading me quotes from the other side would have been awesome. It can get a tad lonely in a closet, as you would imagine. And I'll be sure to keep one of those "Life Alert" pendants with me that directly links to you at all times from now on.
  6. You just wasted my time.

    Well, I can definitely see Amber and Sev as the kind of people to do something like that, but I'm surprised others weren't involved. Wish I could have been there to save you, or at least read you quotes while you were in the closet.
    If those meanies bully you again, be sure to come to me first.
  7. What book, the one from which my signature originated? I totally remember reading it some eons ago in class. I was thinking about it the other day, so I dug it up and slapped it on AF. If you're not talking about that, then I've just wasted our time.

    As for where I've been, the "official" word is that Amber and Sev stabbed me and locked me into Light Buster's closet, from which I escaped all of three days ago. Rehabilitation has been rough (advice stating I should listen to Rehab by Amy Winehouse on repeat was not helpful), but I am a great person, I will survive.
  8. Rah rah rah, I like that book, 'tis very interesting. AND RIGHT BACK AT YA, where've you been? T-T
  9. Spend less time being intellectual and more time making awesome quotes.
  10. I take it back, my estimation was waaay off, I just went through with a FRICKIN CALCULATOR and found out I've read around 1670 pages in the past 3 days. I listen to music on Youtube/voice chat (mostly listen) with friends late whilst reading late into the night. I won't tell you what it's about, but I WILL link you to spread the word.
    This is your 100th wall post by the way, I WIN.
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