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Conversation Between Creed_x and Mnemonic_X

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  1. Why are you leaving? At least give me your number again so I can keep in contact with you. =/
  2. Bro, ima be gone for awhile. I just wanted to tell you that. It's been nice knowing you.

    peace x]
  3. Yea, I noticed ^^;
  4. Yea, moved here with the family. I miss it in the States =/ I'm thinking about moving back the America for good when I raise enough money to hold up a place on my own. Right now I have my own place with a friend of mine. We struggling as it is, lol. I noticed you have a community on livejournal. I joined it.

    (I made a mistake a posted this comment on my own page thinking I was on your page, LOL)
  5. I was just asking because you said you were gonna message me about it. but w/e o-o;

    && thanks x]
    so you live there for good now?
  6. I changed my mind because I know you're close with Mason and you would just show him.
    Besides what happened is between me and her.
    If anyone wanna know they can ask me or her. Its gonna be the same story from both sides.

    I'm back in Thailand now. Nice icon.
  7. Good. Yours? Aye, where is that message? You never sent it to me. o-o;
  8. How was your christmas?
  9. I seen her earlier today, I'll send you details of what happened in a message.
  10. Have a marry christmas to ya too x]
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