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Conversation Between MirrorToTheMoon and Nesh

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  1. Yeeah, it gets tough. Especially when you haven't started on one of the assignments. D:
    Wow.. my teachers would seem like gods to you. LOL
    *wants to try and maybe fail* Well, sure, whatever. ;P

    Well, it was only about 6cm tall you know, hahaha. :L

    Wow, I got a C on my last report.. that's why a B makes me happy. You're being pretty modest. *nod nod* Yeah.. I just can't 'get' maths, you know? :/
    Same here. Everyone expects me to be like my brother and we're like complete opposites, in both personality and work. >.>
    I'll keep that in mind. :3 Thanks!
  2. Oh my......That's a lot!!But I've been in the same situaton a lot of times!!
    Teachers don't even ask if we have 2 study 4 another subject and they give us 2 many tests and projects, which they say,
    that they'll drop our gardes if we don't finish 'em on time :[
    Yeah sure...But then u'll get a headache 'coz they're out of the world!!

    a WHOLE PLANT??.... Is the dog some kind of new species, or just vegetarian O_O...LOL...jk ;3

    Thanks! Well most of the time I do get A's on Math but It's my worse subject 2!!
    -It's just 2 hard........!!
    That always doesn't have 2 be the truth!!.....4 ex, my brother is the best at Maths, but unlike him I'm not
    -Or when I'm good at writing, he isn't!!......And why do they have 2 be so supries at u 4 knowing English very well??
    -Take Jackie Chan 4 example...He's Asian and he speeks english perfectly!!
    And thanks again...If u ever need help just ask, I'll be glad 2 help ;3
  3. In fact, I have an exam Tuesday, assignment Wednesday, and another assignment Thursday. ;_; I'm going to die.
    Wow... that sounds tough. If you don't mind, can you show me one of the questions sometime? ;3
    My dog tried to chew my plant experiment to bits D: He managed to get one whole plant D:

    Wow, congratulations! I couldn't ever get that good on a maths test (My worst subject, btw. >.>).
    It annoys me how people think I'm good at maths cause I'm Asian, and when they find out that I'm good at English, they go all"WOAAAH WTF HOW?! YOU'RE ASIAN!!" >.>
    Again, congrats! :3
  4. ahh..assignment!...In my school when they decide 2 give it 2 us they come up with the stranges topics
    ( u need 2 be an "Einstein" with finished college 2 write 'em....*that's how hard they r*)
    I remember my dog that used 2 steal my sneakers !!

    Yeah me 2...I can't wait 4 school 2 end!!
    I just got my test resoults!....and yeah I'm not that good at maths either...(average maybe)
    I got 83/100 which is pretty good considering it was the second best test in the class!!!
    So I think I did pretty well at it :3
  5. Ahaha, yeah, I have an assignment due next Wednesday and I haven't started in the least, let alone think up a topic for it. *guilty look*
    Yeah.. my dog got bored and decided to steal my left sock instead. :L

    Free.. time.. (wants more of this. :3)
    I actually got a maths test back today, I'm pretty terrible at maths :L
    I got a 42 out of 55. I'm proud of it cause I know it's good for my level. :3
  6. ah school has it rough time on u 2!!(trust me I noe the feeling)
    ur dog did u win??

    I'm just enjoing my free time while I can....& feeling a bit nervous wondering what will I get on my Maths test!
  7. That's good to know. :3
    Not much.. pretty dead for my school assignments, and trying to beat my dog at playing dead. :L You?
  8. Fine! watcha been up 2??
  9. Oh hey there C:
    Fine, you?
  10. Hi there how r u??
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