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Conversation Between MirrorToTheMoon and Hikarin

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  1. Hey, how have you been? It's been so long! =D
  2. Woah it's a been a long time.. sorry I was really busy ^^;;
    So, I'll assume you have that photo of your dog now? *sparkly eyes*
    Yeah.. like a CERTAIN SOMEONE I know.. *little cousin who scored higher than me for OC test* He think's he's better than me just cause I miscalculated 346 + 676.. in my head.. >.>
  3. Yeah, such is life in Australian schools. <.<
    I don't blame you! xD I'll make sure to add it to my USB tonight! ><
    Lol, how ebil! xD
    Most likely. =3
    Exactly! They forget that! I mean, you can be more mature than them, and they'll still be all "I'm older, I'm maturer, I'm boss! Rawr!".
    .... =0 Great idea! xD
  4. Don't worry about it, me too. In fact, for the last 3 weeks of term, I had 6 assignments due! X.X
    That's me now. XD *wants to see but waits none the less* :<
    Yes really. >:3
    Well.. you would have felt the same way. XD
    Yeah, I hate it when people think of me like that. I mean, sure, I can see why, but they went through this time of their life too.
    We can go crazy together 8D
  5. Yeah, sorry!>< I get so busy sometimes.
    Ehe, I see!xD I'd attempt to smile when I was older, but then I just kept a relaxed face or wouldn't let my photo be taken at all. I hate smiling if you don't mean it because that makes the smile fake. I found a picture of my dog Petal! XD ....But I forgot to put it on my USB.... =x
    Heh? Really? .... Awww ;p
    Ehehe, yeah! XD Good on you! =3 And thanks! ^^
    It's not just I feeling.... I think they think we're all children still and are very judgemental.
    Hmmm.... so.... does that mean I do too? =0 Probably! X3
  6. *coninued*
    *continues to protest* But, but, I'm an actual living human..! I'm not an angel...!
    Yeah.. this kid thinks he's so amazing cause his parents are richer than I am (Also means they could have only $5 in their wallets, but you get the idea. ;D). >.> Then I snapped him with simple algebra and got him to shut up :3 That was my achievement for that week. ;L Good luck with that; I can guarantee you'll need it. C:
    Yeah.. that's the feeling I get from half adults, let alone teachers. D:
    You know, I so would have said it was their fault.. but then again, people tell me I have really warped ways of thinking sometimes. ;P
  7. Wow, it's been a month! I was starting to get worried.. :/
    Same here.. I remember how when I was younger I hardly ever smiled, and there was this 4-photo page in my old photo album of me making 3 variant frowns and the 4th picture was a somewhat bright smile. Why I say 'somewhat.. well, it's hard to explain without the picture. :P
    YAAAY! *loves dogs* I would show you a picture of Bobby but I have no idea how to upload straight from my computer. :/
  8. I hated school photos with a passion! In fact, I hate all photos ;p
    Kay, kay, I'll look for one tonight :3
    Ehehe, yeah, but that's what I think of!XD Actually, it's all because of the character Collette Brunel :3
    Ugh.... kids like that annoy me.... mainly because you HAVE to be nice to them for some reason. I will^^
    Yeah, there are often teachers that you know just don't like you but you don't know why =/
    Ehehe, that would have been a good excuse to say it was their fault, but it wasn't. I got glandular fever.
  9. Double post, so sorry~ ;_;
  10. Yeah.. I had school photos today, so I straightened my hair. I have to walk to the station though, so my hair went kind of strange when I arrived there cause my hair was wind-swept-y. :S
    Ahh, I would like to see that!^^ Please do C:
    ..ah. I didn't mean it like that..! *flustered* I may be Asian but..! >///<"
    Well.. I don't really like this kid in my class, cause he thinks he's smarter than me despite being half my age. >.> But I got him by asking him what x+y squared is (easy easy.. for me at least. XD). Sounds nice! Let me know how that goes^^ As for me, I'm still completing school. ;P
    Thank you very much C: Ahh, the TAS teacher had a grudge against me, I swear.. she till seems to. Everytime I pass her in the corridor, she glares at me and I'm like "...huh? What did I do? I'm not even in her classes any more, and I was early...!" Fatigue? Wow.. poor you. You must have gotten worked pretty damn hard. D:
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