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Conversation Between MirrorToTheMoon and Derrick Remon

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  1. Yah, I prefer it over the Wii.
  2. Well, it's pretty good. It kinda.. strayed off a bit now though. >.>
    I play my Xbox too :L I have a 360 :3
  3. D.Gray-Man was okay, I had it in Manga form, stopped half way through. I've been playing Xbox too much to read again, lol.
  4. I love Pandora Hearts :3
    Really? I like most of those too, particularly FMA and Ghost in a Shell.
    Have you tried D. Gray-man? I think you might like it C: I certainly do.
  5. It's okay. I'm a really big Bleach, Negima!?, Claymore, FMA, Ghost In A Shell, Gundam, School Rumble, DBZ, and FMP fan, lol.
  6. Hey there ^^
    I really like your avatar :3 I'm guessing you like Pandora Hearts?
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