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Conversation Between Rei and Anime Forum

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  1. Math isn't that bad! Chem sucks though.

    My favorite shows are..

    Bleach [anime]
    Cowboy Bebop [anime]
    Real World [not anime nor cartoon]
    Big Brother [not anime nor cartoon]
    America Gots Talent [not anime nor cartoon]
    WWE Raw [Wrestling]
    WWE Smackdown [Wrestling]
    WWE Superstars [Wrestling]
    WWE Nxt [Wrestling]
    NFL [Football]

    That's pretty much my list! Not into anime as much as I used to be.
  2. Ugh I'm taking organic bio and chem, principal of inorganic and physical chem, human anatomy and physiology, maths and stats...maths sucks, especially. >_>

    Non-anime show? Hmmm...CSI, I guess. I don't watch much other than anime. Or just some random japanese/taiwanese variety shows I find on the net, or happen to be showing on TV.
  3. Yuck exams.. I passed all of mine and I'm gonna be a senior next year.. That means one more year of school and I'm finished! By the way what's your favorite non anime show?
  4. Yeah...I log on whenever I can, but exams are coming up, and I can't screw those up. >_<
  5. Same on this side. I find myself logging on less and less each month that passes.
  6. Lol it's Kanda from D.Gray-Man. Fine, really, just getting busier ):
  7. Hi =).Nice avatar, the character seems really familiar.. And well, how are you?
  8. Just dropping by to say hi.
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