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Conversation Between Rei and Ωmega

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  1. xD!! I enjoyed FES, it had all these awesome extras that the original didnt have. Episode Aigis was annoying, since it was all dungeon grinding and no persona compendulum @[email protected]
  2. Ehe xD I started off from P3P without playing the original version first, so when I played P4 I felt that it was awesome. Apart from the PS2's screen loading time, of felt like ages after P3P. The game I possibly found most annoying was FES, always forgot to save after killing a boss, only to get killed the next minute. ^^;;
  3. lol, Ive played 3, 3FES and 4 at -least- 4 times each, p3p is my first playthrough, since I only recently got a psp. And Im playing female, since I can quote stuff from the Male protagonist version xD
  4. P3P is awesome. :3 Persona 4 even more so, if you haven't tried it. Are you playing as the female or male protagonist?
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