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Conversation Between Rei and Executioner

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  1. Nah I still remember you! (: I'm doing fine, good even. ^ ^ Lol, your profile pic - is that from Sleeping Beauty?
  2. Hello bet you don't remember me .......but how are you doing?
  3. Good news he has been banned.After all the trouble he caused
  4. He has about 60-80 infractions there so could he get banned after what he did?. I like the site but this is hard
  5. Lol I'm fine. I plan to do what I there are mods around, but on our forum I think action goes something like infraction -> infraction -> ban; so yeah (:
  6. I hope you are ok and not upset.I may have to leave it getting to o much for me and a mod has not done anything but I want him banned but no mod is here yet I think
  7. Ouch >< just ignore him, he's being a herpyderp.
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