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Conversation Between Rei and RyuTama

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  1. Oh, Amber? I dunno, since it's your avatar I imagine Armin (or some other small creature) rollerskating frantically down a slope, chanting that (w)

    Ah I'm doing okay, started college a few months ago so I've mostly been busy with that.
  2. LOL Foxy changed it not too long ago, along with ZW's and SuXrys'. She calls it her special hedgeheg package. XD

    Yeah it's been a while :3 What all have you been up to lately?
  3. ...I don't know why your usertitle amuses me so. xD Anyway, long time no see!
  4. Hey are you still into the whole Wolf scene? o: Need a few more players~.
  5. Indeed :3

    There's a thread here, there isn't an option for it (which would make it so much easier :x); and as you can see I've spammed it xD I should probably get to posting SID album art soon~
  6. Ohsnap~ I didn't notice that before, he really does look like Len. xD

    So how do you submit album art? Cuz I haven't seen an option for it while submitting any songs. :x
  7. Oh~! i thought it was an art of Len ^^; it's similar to the Len from Karakuri Burst...

    Yep! I've spammed anough album art in my time
  8. Eh? Dis one? I don't think it's from an album or anything, if that's what you're asking. It's just fanart of England (Hetalia) that I found on google. *is lame like that*

    Although speaking of songs and pictures, are level 1 or 2 lyrics members allowed to submit album art?
  9. Ryu~!!! Which song is your avatar from? =D
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