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Conversation Between Rei and Scruffy

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  1. I just saw that! D: I'll think up a role though.
  2. Sign me up as a replacement in mafia.
  3. I'm on MSN all the time so whenever you're on just send me a message :3

    I also have FB too in case you wanted to add me and talk there. I'm on there quite a bit too xD
  4. Not really, I don't even have the full messenger app. :x you can catch me there when I'm checking my mail though. :3 Still, I'm much more active on facebook.

    I'll accept it~
  5. Thanks ma'am. :3

    By the way..the e-mail address on your you go on MSN often?

    I added you there. :x
  6. Happy new years to you, too <3
  7. Happy New Years, senorita. :3
  8. Ohh. Maybe. I have a lot of stress going on right now, so it might be good for me to go :/

    Hmm...I'm not really a fan of either series (yet), but I can say that co-hosting games here has not gone over well. I know how its done properly from experience at another forum, but it seems you're gonna be hosting with animeyay so..

    You could. And that would make it more enticing for me to return :3c
  9. I meant that you'd be leaving right after this game... ><

    Hmm I'm hosting #24 with animeyay (persona 3 theme) and #29 (Fatal frame , which still needs a co-host).

    ;_; I could alwys bug you till you come back, eheh.
  10. Wha chu mean about this game? O:

    Also...what game are you hosting? I'm hosting 19 right now, so..

    It wouldn't really be a break...more like a permanent leave. xD
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