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Conversation Between Rei and GameGeeks

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  1. So those links are giving you issues? See if this solves it.
  2. Not particularly. Not that, at least. It won't let me download because it says my download session has expired because of my IP address changing...or something.
  3. Only issue you'll have is the 1 download every fifteen minutes.
  4. I have them now :P I was using them when I had to check my translits of those songs. Thank you~! I just hope RapidShare doesn't give me problems now
  5. I can find you those too, and sending you the link for the remastered. Just let it run while you sleep.
  6. Yeah, the Beatles and their [The White Album] lol. I got that a lot when the anime first came out and I was looking for song files.
  7. Can only find a torrent for the remastered. Damn Beatles album gets in the way.
  8. Yup I know there is, WHITE ALBUM2 -introduction- or something...that one's really different from the original
  9. I'll look for the second one now. And by the way there's a sequel.
  10. Both, I guess. I'm not sure which one is better.
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