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Conversation Between Rei and GameGeeks

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  1. Yeah, I don't use managers since I find them buggy for reasons similar to what you just mentioned. Well if things are settled I'm gonna go get some rest, cya.
  2. Internet Download Manager. (I think it's much faster, compared to default) Also it seems to think that all the parts are the same, but I'm downloading them all anyway since one part won't extract without the other. I hate it when files do that.
  3. Idm?
  4. Oh. It works, I think. But I'm still using IDM.
  5. Yeah, if that sites not working for you you may have to wait an hour and try again.
  6. Strange. That doesn't work though, it's the box at the bottom of the page, right?
  7. Shouldn't, just click begin your download or if that doesn't work then alt and click the button.
  8. Wow. It tells me to use IDM.
  9. It generates a premium link for the sites listed. Just insert the links I sent you one at a time and hit download.
  10. ごめんあさい、what do I do with it?
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