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Conversation Between Rei and GameGeeks

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  1. Yeah, that's true. I never did study though and the only thing I struggled with was math.
  2. I guess that's better, then. At least you won't be at home with the temptation to slack.
  3. Yeah, though teachers can choose to use the week before to sum up what was learned that semester and most do but we're still in school right up until the exams.
  4. We happen to have one week extra this year because of the youth olympic games. Couldn't care less, really.

    o_o So it's just lessons and then straight to the exams?
  5. We don't get that study break.
  6. Eh, no. More like a three week study break. I've been failing, so I really need to make full use of it. Exams, though are just 3-4 days in a row.
  7. You have a month of exams? We did ours in a week. 2/3 a day for four days strait.
  8. Yeah, I'm starting to hate exams. If I fail these it's gonna be really troublesome.
  9. Oh, that sucks and NP, hope you do well. Tests, don't miss them.
  10. Lots and lots of nitroglyceride.

    EDIT: I did want to try to get White Album up and running before the exams, but it seems like it won't work, and I'll only be able to try out the new method you suggested in...about a month or so, after the exams when I get my privileges back. Till then I'll only be on and off a little. Ja.
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