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Conversation Between Rei and GameGeeks

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  1. Bright doesn't go well with a cello.
  2. Yeah. Most of her songs are too...bright.
  3. Kanon Wakeshima's newest album is meh.
  4. Yep, definitely makes it easier. Right, I'm off to bed now. Really late...
  5. Yeah, and I like it, just didn't want two really hard classes at the same time.
  6. Chemistry's fairly okay if you like it, I guess. Maths is just more of a problem.
  7. I never took Calculus, and I wanted to take Chemistry but I didn't since I knew I'd struggle with math.
  8. -shudders- Advanced algebra (stuff like differentiation and intergration?) I suck at. Calculus more so. Were you in a science course?
  9. I got science, I got history, I even managed to get a C+ in geometry but I nearly failed advanced algebra.
  10. Yeah. OMG maths and stats. I'm struggling with it even now. I guess I was always more of an arts person.
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