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Conversation Between Rei and GameGeeks

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  1. Quite easy actually, let me know when they're over. And I should warn you, there's some dark scenes. Oh and there's two Persona 2's. The second one was translated into English though and I'd play IS first.
  2. Emulation, huh...? Yeah, I probably am, just that I need to get through my exams before I get hooked on another game...
  3. If you don't mind emulation you could try Persona 2: Innocent Sin. You'd need a translation patch though. If interested let me know.
  4. Tell me if you do, it sounds interesting. I won't be able to get my hands on it soon though. Night, I'm off to bed.
  5. Couldn't tell you, I haven't gotten to the second full moon yet.
  6. I know, social links enable you to form stronger personas in the Velvet room. Never said it was purely a dating sim. Is it good though?
  7. I have it, the PSP version adds a female protagonist and a few other things that's limited to just her. And from the little I've played, it sorta is but the goal isn't the romance but the social link leveling for stronger persona when you fuse. You do form relation ships with men as well as women, so it's just not romantic links you form in that game which kind of drops any relation to a dating sim it has.
  8. Eh. Maybe not if you keep your set after you change it, for a while.

    EDIT: And...I wanna play Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3! Just that I don't have a PS2, so I'll have to settle for the PSP version. =_=" Apparently it's a dating sim on the side, and you can set flags for different girls. Lol. Don't like the heroine though.
  9. Never got the point of name changes, it just creates confusion.
  10. Yeah. To match my...set. I'm not sure if I'll eventually settle down with one before xRiikox is taken up.
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