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Conversation Between Rei and GameGeeks

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  1. What do you mean 3 or 2?
  2. Lol for which one? 3 or 2?
  3. Yeah, off of the PSN, but if you alter the ISO, say via a patch, it wont read it and say it's corrupt.

    The first one, you keep any costumes you've unlocked, unlock a bunch of characters (though not all) at the start, get a room item, a title (which I can't find the location of) and 5000 store points.
  4. Well, mine isn't the original, if that's what you mean. It allows you to just download ISOs and put them in.

    What? For which game? :O
  5. Yay, for game connections. I got to keep all the stuff I unlocked in the first game. And there are characters available I've never even heard of.
  6. I'll take that as a no. It's only possible on the fat model and early slim models. CFW is modified firmware that lets you have full control over the psp. It's original intentions where for home brewed games and the like, but, it does allow playing of PSP games via ISO. I only use this to play Japanese games or emulate old consoles like the SNES, PS, NES, ect.
  7. Ah. I would know what it is if I know what it does. Crap, I'm like a clueless girl at this stuff. >_>
  8. Custom Firmware
  9. Ummm CFW is?
  10. No, my main ISO site is down. And do you have CFW?
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