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Conversation Between Rei and animeyay

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  1. mewpudding101's is 20 minutes earlier than yours...
    aaaaaaaanyway, I'm leaving those 2 alone for now lol
  2. Arghhh. I knew I should have submitted it earlier... >_< But I was in school. I think Azure will choose MewPudding's over mine...since she has a translation and all. -///-;

    But the rest of the songs should make it, right?

    Edit: No, wait. The question should be: Who submitted it earlier? o_o
  3. Chokoreeto might have been quiet recently, but your new rival is mewpudding101!
    you both submitted Resuscitated Hope... I'll leave that situation to Azure XD
  4. nah, that was the anime's style. it's just too funny and obscene to be drawn first-class. admittedly I don't find that kind of mediocrely-drawn animes particularly appealing, but as long as it's funny I'll bear with it.

    a parody is certainly fine. think we've got a couple of parody songs in the VOS section already; like all the "Another:" songs are parodies. that KuroLen song is quite cute, especially the way Len keeps on picking on Kuroneko, awww. X3 but, uh, it'll take excruciating effort to do with all the dialogues there... I still haven't completely recovered from MEIKO's Spy ga Oppai series lol

    PS I was on a hunt for lyrics-thieves tonight, XD and yay someone used our lyrics: and gave us credit.
    but I need to learn not to get too agitated when people steal my work; it's not good for my mental well-being =P maybe I'll embed a message in my translation one day hehe (maybe something like "F*** sweetslyrics")
  5. Lolllll I watched it, I see what you mean. XD ( looks like a third-rate anime? Or maybe I just don't like the drawing style lol ^^;. But the voice actors aren't; they've got Kitamura Eri and Inoue Marina on the same cast.)

    Also I wanna do this song with the part at the beginning and all, but it just seems so hard... >_> Also since it's a parody, I'm not sure if I should do only the original instead?
  6. oh you mean Watashi wa Ningen ja nai kara? yea I got tired of people submitting bad/ineligible Youtube links for that song, so I found an acceptable video myself and put it up. and of course, the very first line was enough to grab my attention XD

    also, I was watching the 6th episode of Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! last night, and finally found out where ShoushouP got his BL inspiration from looooooooool. I was laughing so hard during episode since Hakune Miku no Mousou was practically a parody of a certain scene in that episode.
  7. Ooo really? I didn't think much of it...the translations good though. Yeah, especially with Len and Len Append.

    Your latest translation made me lol, btw. xD
  8. oooo SPIRAL GAME is sooooo cool! thanks for bringing it to my attention!
    I'll work out a translation tomorrow. but since it's got so many different parts, trying to color-code it will probably end up making the page messier than van Gogh's canvas XD so no pretty colors this time =(
  9. Lol only on the 'Blinding White' theme. Yours ain't so bad, either :3
  10. わ~い。ここ、まぶしい!lol
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