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Conversation Between Rei and animeyay

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  1. oh yea! I almost had a spasm attack when I heard the song! lol. considering how poorly Vocaloid handles English, I'd say that Chinese had exceeded my expectation. Vocaloid has an accent even in Japanese (unless the Producer is really skilled at tweaking the voice), so I really can't find much fault with that song. =) I only wish there'd be more Chinese Vocaloid songs...I didn't realize how much my Chinese translation skill sucked =x
  2. I saw the chinese vocaloid song. :o It surprised me ^^; It sounds really chinese, but the words are sorta ruined by the Japanese accent, lol. I wonder if the Vocaloid program has an accent? It was designed to sing in Japanese, after all.
  3. yeeeeeeeeeep, like I said, some people are too incompetent to cite properly >.>
    but that's where your gendou account comes into play, right? ;D
  4. Geez, I hate how Gendou steals our lyrics and passes them off as their own. Like my translit for koi no doutei, which they blatantly copied and pasted with no source. ったく!
  5. I see =D
    I'll have to remember to blast my AL posts with Muffin-tan and Maffun-kyun then XD
  6. Eh xD I guess Azure saw our posts at some point of time and came up with the idea. Muffin-tan(s), more like it xD those muffins we were "testing-out"
  7. I feel this is way off-topic, so I'll ask here: what is muffin-tan?!!? XD
    did I miss a meeting at some point?
  8. haha, didn't AzureDark mention that he was a semi-troll-ish person who was unbannable because he wasn't breaking any rules? I stilll can't forget his famous line: "AH regret, and vomit GO." It's soooo horrid that that it's funny XD
  9. Y'know...I suddenly find it absurd, the way busbuddy managed to screw up GLAMOROUS SKY's translation. To my knowledge, there's an english version of the song, and the lyrics are pretty much the translation of the jap version. He could've simply used it, or referenced it at the very least. But no....
  10. gendou probably has a love-and-hate relationship with us lol. like we're technically competitors, and yet they depend on us for lyrics that can't be found elsewhere. this is not to mention that some, many members there aren't really the smartest bunch. they can't even tell which romaji/English version is better most of the time. =x like, I don't have a problem with people using our content, but FOR THE LOVE OF BUDDHA, put down the damn link! what I used to think; I've learned to let go XD

    you're a member, and so is Azure? =O great! do us some justice =D
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