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Conversation Between Rei and animeyay

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  1. はい!直した!=)
  2. I screwed up. Again.

    Look Away ~All together version~ is #06 on supersonic girl. I must have forgot to enter it in the details.
  3. I dunno, I find Sakurai Takahiro's voice a little...whiny...and it's funny that he voiced Cloud Strife from FF VII and Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-man and voices this role as well lol ^^;;
    Well, mine's the...Nowaki and Hiroki pairing (was it?) because of the mid-range angst.

    Nooooo! (lol, it sounds like I watch porn or something)
    ...but I didn't really find Jr that explicit.
  4. in JR...hmm, definitely not the Shinobu pair. too young... orz
    I guess I like the main pair the most? (just because I like Sakurai Takahiro's voice, who voiced Misaki.)

    and yep, JR actually shows them having セックス. SH doesn't get any more than some kissing and off-screen touching...=x
  5. Oh, it was? I searched though >< -looks- ah, it's under multiple vocaloids. I see...

    Nah, I just started watching it today, and I've watched JR before, so I'm familiar with the characters ^^
    By the way, what was your favorite pairing in JR? (if you have one)
    Eeeeeh JR is more explicit? Then what am I getting myself into now? xD
    I guess I'll just have to settle for fluff...
  6. eeto, the last song I remember was "Majo" in Vocaloid, which was already on the website when you submitted it. if it's not that one, then I didn't do it and you'd need to ask AzureDark-san.

    and what writer? *goes back to rewatch the 1st ep of SH...
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is Usagi-san!!! XD 悪のヒカリン、記憶力がいいね!
    I almost finished JR, btw. it's soooooooo similar to SH, but more explicit O.O;;
  7. Wait, what was the 20th song that got rejected?

    And the 'writer' in the first ep. of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi looks lika Akihiko from Junjou. Carry-over much?
  8. but I'm broke and don't have money to pay~ lol. although you kinda are already doing the proofreading job since you've found so many mistakes for me ;D

    yea I just looked up those two songs. they are actually cover songs/parodies of the original Aku no Musume and Aku no Meshitsukai. since they're not officially sanctioned by mothy, I placed Aku no Maid under VOS instead.
  9. Lol you could hire me xD my Japanese might suck but my english grammar is good...

    ...anyway. Have you heard of mothy's songs [Aku no MEIDO] and [Aku no Ouji]? We don't seem to have the lyrics on site, so I've submitted's surprising since the songs seem to have been up on nico for quite some time.
  10. yes it should~ thx
    it happens to me all the time, when I rephrase my lines, I miss a word here or there.
    I originally had "I've grown fond of you", then decided to change it to "taking a liking". in the process, I missed the "of" there... >.>
    I only wish I could hire a proofreader lol
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