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Conversation Between Rei and animeyay

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  1. actually, yes, we ARE going to put up all the submissions secretly for the entire month of September. the number of your "rejected songs" will go up, but that doesn't affect anything (since you are the only one who can see that number anyways). if you still don't want that number to go up, feel free to keep PM'ing me your songs
  2. Gomen, ani, I just submitted five songs on-site, but SL is copying from us (somehow) again. Is it possible to put them up secretly?
  3. 沒事的、反正通常我都用被包得緊緊的。 讀書啊、下個考試快要到了、真令人頭痛 ><
  4. 小心冷氣不要吹太多了 不然會肚子痛哦
    禮拜天干嘛早起呀? 該不會是去私塾補習吧...
  5. Lolwut xD sounds like torture >< I myself have never tasted 臭豆腐, but I might one day.

    可惜家裡沒這種東西、不然早就點了。算了、到有冷氣的房間睡好了、明天還要早起。 :3
  6. nooooooooooooooooooooo! not 臭豆腐!! I despise them!! my uncle used to love eating them with 饅頭 and then purposely breathe out into my face just to annoy me with that repugnant stench XD nah, supposedly it tastes really good, but there's no way anyone can make me eat something that looks AND smells like diarrhea...o.o

    and it's fine, don't hold back with your songs. it doesn't take that long to add songs. 有蚊子要點蚊香呀 不然第二天起床之後全身都是紅色的小山丘了 XD
  7. I guess it's a way to differentiate between singaporean chinese and er...chinese chinese. Here purely to waste your time:

    Thank you! <3 I'll try not to spam (lol) After my exams are over. 房間里有蚊子、我睡不著。 ;_;
  8. Ignore this. The iPhone does wonderful double posting.
  9. "I am incensed with a People's Republic of China family telling my fellowmen not to cook curry..." Why does this sentence look so awkward to me >.> but, I will have to side with the Indian family on this issue. the Chinese family who complained about the smell of curry are just being whiners. I feel ashamed. I LOVE curry!

    I wouldn't mind if you just PM me your submissions. When I can put them up secretly, they will never show up in the Update page. (which makes me suspect that sweetslyrics found a way to bypass our new installment)
  10. That being said, is it really not possible to just hide all my submissions? It's not like I do anything popular. I'll understand if it's too troublesome for you.
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