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Conversation Between Rei and Ominous Flare

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  1. It's kind of sad (and strange), some of those Japanese culture customs. Like the school bullying, for example. I'd like to imagine that their bullying cases are on a equal level as the bullying in Singapore, but I got a feeling that they have it worse over there... But it's probably because I watch too many anime about bullying, thus distorting my perception! lol

    One thing I'm sure of, however, is that they treat their reputation and 'honor' very seriously. I've seen vids on YouTube where people just spray paint and do other kind of harassment to people they consider 'dishonorable', or people they shun. Not that it doesn't happen in other countries, but it's just kinda shocking coming from Japan, known for their peaceful nature after WWII.

    But yeah, Japan is otherwise a pretty swell place, from what I heard. I mean, it's known as one of the most polite (and safest) countries in the world so. I kinda want to visit there someday.
  2. Yeah, it was. Unlike Paprika it had a very real air going on, so I had a hard time telling where it was going :P Well yeah, sort of like the recent attack on those AKB members. Except they have better security and their manager isn't a psycopath (as much as a pervert) lol.

    EDIT: Damn thing won't let me use strike-through.
  3. Perfect Blue was surprisingly entertaining. I had watched it during a time when I wasn't familiar with Satoshi's works yet, other than Paprika. Perfect Blue even tackled some of the social issues Japanese stars deal with in real life to a certain degree.
  4. If you put it that way, yeah. Lots of One Piece fans recently, too...

    I know, how could they not? It's one of the classics. I would've thought exposure went up since the movies were aired here lol.

    Ah, I haven't got into that yet...recently I just got reminded of how much I loved Sennen Joyuu, and ended up watching Perfect Blue right after. Paranoia Agent does look promising; I'll be sure to watch it.
  5. It's rare to find anime fans in Singapore, period. And no, I'm not talking about people who only enjoyed Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, and proceeded to calling themselves 'anime fans.' Sorry if I sound like an elitist but, that kind of thing about Singaporeans just bugs me a little bit.

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA! A Singaporean anime fan who enjoys Evangelion AND knows who Satoshi Kon is?! Whoa! Dang, girl, you've got a lot going on there! I mean, whenever I mention to my Singaporean classmates and friends about Evangelion, they had no idea what I was talking about... -_-"

    I really enjoy Satoshi's works, by the way. I loved Paranoia Agent and its symbolism towards post-WWII trauma.
  6. Yeah, I am. xD It's just rare to find other Singaporeans on this forum, I think-- there's only one other member that I know lol.

    Hmm my all-time favorite has to be Neon Genesis Evangelion, but recently I've been into Shingeki and Satoshi Kon's works, too.

    Yeah, that was on purpose :P
  7. Hah, so you're a fellow Singaporean as well huh? It's nice to meet another anime fan from the same country. And you're a female gamer too? That's kinda cool.

    What are your favorite anime?

    BTW, you might want to think about changing some of the format in your profile page; the button for posting visitor messages is invisible because it's blended in with the background color. lol
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