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Conversation Between Rei and sunnyside

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  1. Nope, most certainly looks like on my end :P maybe they did something to the forum again
  2. Checking out it seems to be "Alabama today" I'm figuring either that was some sort of typo or you've got some weird anime hillbilly thing going on...which might be an interesting combination :P
  3. Tbh, mostly because I need the forum for lol. (And some of the old members) But sure, I'll go down and take a look when it's up. (:
  4. I was working on the last post for Nightmarchers with the credits (you have to do it though the sign in thread because so many people change their user names) and noticed you around. What keeps you around the forum these days?
  5. Oh hey, your PM box is full. Have you gotten anything from me recently? Anyway you character is fun, Nightmarchers is going to end soonish and will be based on individuals escaping or doing other things on their own, and the guy playing Johnathan (the guy she's with in the woods. If you're interested it would be cool if you'd be up for making some posts to sort of complete yourr characters story.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions if you're interested at all
  6. You and your names :P
  7. Oh hey, you're you again! Yay. Now I can keep you straight :P
  8. Woah, I thought I cleared my inbox. Oh, that's Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, though I don't know who the skull belongs to. The anime is quite...gothic? Providing the base for many pictures like these.
  9. Inbox is still full and Tigris is still trying to talk to your character in his posts.

    Looks like you're still popular. :P

    Also your profile pic is cool! What in the world is that from?
  10. Thanks for the clear...inbox. >_<
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