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Conversation Between Rei and Kaitou+

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  1. Woah srsly o_o Maybe it's because I had to upload my background image to that album...
  2. I found a weird glitch with your profile.

    Every time I view your profile or go to a thread you posted in, then I go to my profile; it says I'm viewing your Randoms album. O__o
  3. A name change is not really a hard task so go for t. XDD

    Older??? >2014 .....?? XD
  4. Yeah, it has been xD

    Lol I'd feel bad bothering him again. Maybe if he has nothing to do...

    Oh, so it has! Looks like it's an account by some older member though lol
  5. I think any time soon I will try to remodel my page too. It's been too long.

    Or you can always ash Flash, lol.

    I think Reina was your best username, but sadly that's been taken.
  6. Yeah, the image has to be juuuust the right size, or it won't look great lol.

    Indeed, I do, and I realized too late that this name looks better as a title OTL. Now I've got to stick with it for a month...
  7. You had more name changes than me too, lmao
  8. Oh. how is that going?

    And th, I totally forgot about the feature....and it's been three years. Maybe it's time to move on. My only gripe is that it doesn't adjust to a perfect resolution and it goes by people's monitors.
  9. Just waiting to get into university

    EDIT: Oh wow I just noticed that your page is still the same, and I've been switching mine around like the fickle person I am lol
  10. Lol how are you nowadays
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