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Conversation Between Rei and Kaitou+

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  1. I'm trying to end my game today, so once I receive all actions, ending the Phase and in the Day Phase, once the majority has gathered then ending there.
  2. I'm happy, since it will help almost every future host. =3
  3. But as all fanfic writers know, what looks long in ms word will look much shorter when posted :3 well, maybe it will, anyway. But yay, more reading!
  4. Alright, so I am finally done. Almost 7 pages in Microsoft Word...o.o
  5. It will, it's Favorites theme so basically you get to pick your Favorite character. Similar to XVII, so you won't get to play as your favorite character as you didn't get to play as you in XVII. That would be way too obvious.
  6. Yeah ikr >_> well since literally all of the interesting/active players are dead...I'm looking forward to it, it'll be interesting x3
  7. Jesus hell, the game is freaking dead at this rate. @___@ I think I might have to host XVIII some time after XVII finishes...o_o

    I took my time off Skyrim to make the summary of the roles and I'm almost done. x3
  8. Yeah, might as well add a reason WHY I assigned each member role. =3 It will help you guys think outside the box and make the role of certain character feel more like that character.
  9. Yep might as well...I really appreciate the amount of effort you put into the game on AF...we've come a long way since version 1.
  10. Might do a description of each and a brief explanation for future hosts, if it matters since everyone is quitting Wolf and a lot of apathetic players. =\ I'll do it regardless.
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