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Conversation Between Rei and Tsuki.

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  1. lol. Well, I guess it's because of the Wolves trying to kill meh.
    So people trust me as a real townie, now? XD

    I took the lint on the ground!
    And brought it down to the ground with me! D<
  2. Orlly? I can't tell them apart yet XD You're not known as the head wolf for nothing then, lol.

    I took Tsuki and...threw her to the ground!
  3. XDD It's real easy to find the townies though so eventually I'll be able to narrow it down. x3
  4. Well, yeahhhh...and we've had no luck with guessing who's a wolf so far x3
  5. Ah, that makes sense. xD
    Though Shinn still died in the end. x3
  6. I did that in...favor of not jumping on the kill-shinn bandwagon. >)
  7. No! She FAILS!!!! I'm not cool With her character. D:<
  8. Kikyo does not fail!! D:
  9. lol.
    Kikyo FAILS!!!
    Sesshomaru deserves way better than her!
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